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Free and Easy Self Care

Talking about self care has become quite a popular subject, and the marketplace to aid in your self care has exploded. You can spend fifty bucks on a new massage tool, hundreds at a spa, and thousands at a guru-led retreat.

But showing up for yourself and your self care practices can be very personal, private even, and very inexpensive. The real challenge is to create a self care routine that you want to keep showing up for--because it feels good, because you’ve created community there, because the results are undeniably benefitting you, and because taking care of yourself means you can show up for others.

Start small:

Give yourself a chance to succeed with your new or renewed commitment to yourself. Maybe meditating for 10 minutes using a meditation app or yoga nidra podcast may allow you to maintain a steady meditation practice in the new year, while seated meditation for an hour might sound like a chore after only a few days.

I really like Jill Ameson's yoga nidra podcast found here: Blue Lotus Yoga with Jill Amison ( The 20 minutes fly by for me and I get to lie down!

Keep it simple:

Move your body intentionally for 20 minutes each day. A 20 minute walk one day, 20 minutes of yoga another, 10 minutes of each the next. Moving for 20 minutes most days is the key to moving more and finding joy in the practice–advancing your workouts during peaceful times and sustaining your progress during stressful ones.

You might have bigger fitness goals, but sometimes an hour at the gym just doesn’t fit into your day. A short movement practice is better than no movement at all.

True self care is inexpensive:

You probably know how into foam rolling I am. Rollers can be as cheap as $5. A roller can serve you in many ways: self massage tool, yoga prop substitute, strength and core strength training tool to name a few. Rolling before a workout can help you move more efficiently, increase your flexibility, and decrease your chance of injury. Rolling after aids in recovery in many ways, even at the cellular level. Check out this free foam rolling video from my zoom class on thoracic mobility:

Access Passcode: @d*vi#0U

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