Short online yoga practices with Ruth and Laura are now available online on Vimeo.

Wrist Care

Hips and Lower Body

Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

Back and Pelvis

Zoom and Vimeo Self Care Video Links

Library of Ruth's Zoom Classes through Vimeo

Spring 2020

4/5/20 Roll and Restore: Neck and Shoulders

First rib mobilization, rolling for erectors, traps, pecs, and scalene, followed by restorative yoga to free the cervical spine.

password: scenthusiast

4/10/20 Upper Extremity Lymphedema Self Care

I recorded this video for a client with a flare up. It's a general self care tutorial. Please email me if you need a personalized tutorial:

password: scenthusiast


4/10/20 Flow and Restore (a well balanced practice)

Slow, warming flow paired with restorative postures.

password: scenthusiast

4/12/20 Roll and Restore: Lower Back Care

Rolling hips, glute medius, ITBand, quads, and a yoga practice addressing hip flexors, lumbar spine space and ease, SI joint issues. I've got to say, this is one of my better classes:)

password: scenthusiast

4/21/20 Flow Yoga (standing core)

A vigorous flow with traditional sun salutations. Today's focus is core strength, reclined, prone, and standing.

password: scenthusiast

5/4/20 Yoga Nidra (guided meditation, audio only)

Videos are free, though donations are appreciated to keep Carrboro Massage Therapy going through the covid pandemic and shut down. 

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