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Zoom and Vimeo Self Care Video Links


Watch Pickleball Self Care Series Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

Pickleball-specific foam rolling, stretching, and restorative exercises. 

Self Care Video Bundle from Ruth and Laura to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain and Tension:

Buy both videos for $24 (a 25% discount) and add the classes to your yoga and self care practices.

4 Video Series for Full Body Self Care:

Use this link to purchase 4 videos for care of the feet, hips, spine, and neck and shoulders. $30/collection. Videos with a * are included in the collection. 


Watch videos by Ruth: 

Foam Rolling Full Body

You need a foam roller, small ball, strap, and a blanket. Treat yourself to a full body massage with these inexpensive props. $12 to own.

Thoracic Mobility: Roll and Release*

You need a foam roller and a blanket. Use self massage release techniques, breath work, and gentle and restorative yoga to gain mobility through the spine and rib cage.

Psoas Release and Restore*

You need a foam roller, strap, and a blanket. Combat sitting, lower back strain and fatigue, move with greater ease. $20 to own.

Neck and Shoulders: Roll and Restore*

You need a foam roller, small ball, blanket, and a strap. Release tension in the neck area, open the chest and heart, increase range of motion through the shoulders while maintaining stability. $12 to own.

Feet and Lower Legs: Roll and Restore*

You need a foam roller, small ball, and strap. Roll the feet, calves, shins, and create stability in the foot joints, ankle. Find balance and feel energized from the ground up. $12 to own.

Lymphatic Flow

Just need a mat for this class. This flow yoga practice integrates manual techniques, breath practices, twists, and large muscle movements to encourage lymphatic flow in the body. It's energizing and fairly low to the ground. $12 to own.

Hands Free Flow x 3

Three sequences to string together for a challenging practice without chaturangas, or to use separately to create a satisfying home practice, adding your favorite openings and closings. $20 to own all three sequences.

Yoga for Strength, Therapeutic Practices, Chair Yoga

With Laura Terry, PT, RYT200

Joint Opening and Meditation 

With Helen Tapper, LMBT, RYT

Short online yoga practices with Ruth and Laura are now available online on Vimeo.

Wrist Care

Hips and Lower Body

Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

Back and Pelvis

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